Monday, 14 August 2017

Power of information

Recently, buying a gadgets has become a commodity for both businesses and end users. This is because their acquisition or choice of model is not always linked to how expensive the equipment is, but to the needs of the user.
However, once the gadget is purchased, it is clear that what follows is to protect it, not only from viruses and spies, but from total decomposition and the loss of information caused by lightning, a blackout, a voltage variation or, Simply because of a drop in the local energy of the house or office.
Generally, if the purchase is advised, it leaves aside the acquisition of a regulator or No Break, that protects the equipment; Daily energy changes occur in Mexico City, as well as constant voltage changes that can damage electronic devices.
If techoprenuers intend to buy a No Break, they should have some care, like choosing a 100% Mexican product. Often we find foreign companies, American, Asian or other countries that only do it, sell a balance of equipment, at a very low price, and when the energy variation comes, the regulator does not support it, the PC is damaged and there is no technical support in the country.
Factors to consider:

Make sure the equipment is of a Mexican brand, this will give you certainty that the manufacturer actually knows the electrical protection it offers, and that the product is designed to protect and back up the equipment in which you plan to use it)
Before making a purchase, you understand that a UPS protects you just like a regulator, but in this case, this equipment provides additional power in the event of a fault.
Never buy a No Break regardless of the brand they belong to, or try to replace the foreign brands with the national brands. It is common that the foreign brands do not produce according to the Official Mexican Standard, NOM, so the devices will only give approximately four minutes of backup, when in Mexico the blackouts usually last not less than 15 minutes.
Make sure that the manufacturer you are purchasing will be able to service the UPS batteries, as these should be checked every two years.Otherwise, the backup time in each blackout will be decreasing. In addition, it investigates whether it has local offices.
When buying a No Break, make sure that the manufacturer can offer warranty of the equipment for more than two years, since there are endless cheap equipment in the market that only represent a balance to sell of companies that arrive and disappear.
If it is a brand that you have never heard of, do not buy it, surely when you need repair or warranty, nor will anyone know about the company
 If you decide to buy a regulator, it is necessary to know that it usually does not need maintenance since it does not have batteries inside.

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