Saturday, 9 September 2017

Nnamdi Kanu received the highest title

Nnamdi Kanu honoured with the highest title in Igboland
The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been reportedly honoured with the highest title in Igbo land, south-eastern Nigeria. 

Kanu was decorated with the title of the ‘greatest Biafran Warrior’ by the Odumeze of Ohafia, Abia state, and other elders, according to Somto Okonkwo, who posted the photographs on social media. Kanu, according to Okonkwo, is now the Otu Onye Nakpu Ogwe 1 of Biafra 

 However, the controversy that seems to have emerged from the award of the title is the place of the late Biafran warlord, Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


The recent statistics released by Google and Facebook admin has shown that Biafra has been one of the most used word since January 2017.

Facebook stated that 5% of the account recorded in Facebook this year are connected to Biafra, either in words or profile picture.

It recorded that the word "Biafra" is mostly used in..

  • Nigeria
  • London
  • Isreal
  • Spain
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • Cameroon

IPOB Ekwulobia Chapter Prepares to meet Nnamdi Kanu

The Indigenous People of Biafra Ekwulobia chapter has sent a statement that they are more than prepare for the coming of Nnamdi KANU to the community.

This was disclosed in a message by its president stating " we are ready KANU". 

They also stated their readiness and commitment to meet their leader in the same letter. The vanue and security measures which has been situated in the community was also stated.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Power of information

Recently, buying a gadgets has become a commodity for both businesses and end users. This is because their acquisition or choice of model is not always linked to how expensive the equipment is, but to the needs of the user.
However, once the gadget is purchased, it is clear that what follows is to protect it, not only from viruses and spies, but from total decomposition and the loss of information caused by lightning, a blackout, a voltage variation or, Simply because of a drop in the local energy of the house or office.
Generally, if the purchase is advised, it leaves aside the acquisition of a regulator or No Break, that protects the equipment; Daily energy changes occur in Mexico City, as well as constant voltage changes that can damage electronic devices.
If techoprenuers intend to buy a No Break, they should have some care, like choosing a 100% Mexican product. Often we find foreign companies, American, Asian or other countries that only do it, sell a balance of equipment, at a very low price, and when the energy variation comes, the regulator does not support it, the PC is damaged and there is no technical support in the country.
Factors to consider:

Make sure the equipment is of a Mexican brand, this will give you certainty that the manufacturer actually knows the electrical protection it offers, and that the product is designed to protect and back up the equipment in which you plan to use it)
Before making a purchase, you understand that a UPS protects you just like a regulator, but in this case, this equipment provides additional power in the event of a fault.
Never buy a No Break regardless of the brand they belong to, or try to replace the foreign brands with the national brands. It is common that the foreign brands do not produce according to the Official Mexican Standard, NOM, so the devices will only give approximately four minutes of backup, when in Mexico the blackouts usually last not less than 15 minutes.
Make sure that the manufacturer you are purchasing will be able to service the UPS batteries, as these should be checked every two years.Otherwise, the backup time in each blackout will be decreasing. In addition, it investigates whether it has local offices.
When buying a No Break, make sure that the manufacturer can offer warranty of the equipment for more than two years, since there are endless cheap equipment in the market that only represent a balance to sell of companies that arrive and disappear.
If it is a brand that you have never heard of, do not buy it, surely when you need repair or warranty, nor will anyone know about the company
 If you decide to buy a regulator, it is necessary to know that it usually does not need maintenance since it does not have batteries inside.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Calabar Community officially Join Biafra


The people of Akpabuyo local Government Area of calabar has officially disclosed that they are hundred percent part of Biafra. 

They stated, "We are part of Biafra from 1967-1970". We therefore promise to support Biafra in all aspect both with material and human resources to achieve the desired freedom.

The people promise to participate in all IPOB meetings, both in the country and abroad as the Biafra seed has been planted to grow in the community for ever. 

They noted how Biafra land has been marginalized by Nigeria leaders. They listed all the bad roads and unstable power supply.

They urged the good people of Biafra both home and abroad to stand in unity to fight the struggle. They call on the foreign media and agencies to be awake to record all the harms and damages the Nigeria government has caused in Biafra land.

They also stated that they will join the campaign of  "NO ELECTION IN BIAFRA LAND" until the desired freedom is achieved.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Take my life and give me Biafra--Nnamdi kalu tackles Osinbajo.

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, on friday again, tackled the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, for declaring the Biafran agitation as unconstitutional. Kanu, in a world press conference he held through his team of lawyers in Abuja, maintained that Osinbajo’s view about Biafra was “patently misconceived and inherently faulty”, despite his rank as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

In a statement signed by his lawyer, Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Kanu, insisted that “extra judicial remarks” Osinbajo made before the Igbo Council of Traditional Rulers, in reference to Biafran agitation, was offensive to section 2 of the 1999 constitution, as amended.

The statement read in part: “We are presently drifting into the narrative that had hitherto kept our client in unlawful incarceration for 18 months, in clear breach of positive orders of court that directed for his unconditional release.

Unhealthy interference by the Executive Arm in the matter before the Court, vide pronouncements capable of putting fears in the court is a case in point.

“This is evident in the recent extra judicial remarks by the Acting President, clearly contained in his presentation before the Igbo Council of Traditional Rulers, that the agitation for Biafra is unconstitutional as it offends section 2 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended, 2011, and consequent threat of arrest and imprisonment of those that exercise their unquestionable and inalienable rights to self determination.

“This declaration is respectfully considered as not only provocative, and unacceptable, but a clear case of undue interference with judicial process, which have the capacity of distorting the mindset of the Judicial Officer seized of our client’s case.

“It is important to remind the Acting President that our client’s present political trial originated from his legitimate exercise of his constitutionally guaranteed rights to self determination as clearly provided for under extant laws, and international instruments/covenants.

“It is therefore reasonably expected that any of such extra judicial remarks, should not emanate from the revered office of the Acting President.

“With due reverence to the Acting President, and his rank as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, we deem it obligatory to state the correct position of the law as it relates to his faulty position.

“We observed most respectfully that the learned silk made this remark in direct response to Quit Notice threats and ultimatum handed down to Igbos living in the Northern part of the counter, by a faceless and uninformed group, going by the name of Arewa Youths Consultative Forum.

“But it most be noted very humbly that it is a mistake to equate the lawful and legitimate aspirations and agitations for Biafra with the lawful, illegal and illegitimate Quit Notice, and threat given to the Igbo People to leave the North by this group.

“We submit most humbly that the right to self determination, recognizable under various instruments which Nigeria is a State Party is clearly provided for under Article 20(1) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) ( Act Cap 10) Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990.

“This law provides thus: Article 20 (1) ‘All Peoples shall have right to existence. They shall have the unquestionable and inalienable rights to self determination. They shall freely determine their political status and shall pursue their economic and social development according to the policy they have freely chosen’.

“The above law has been in force in our jurisdiction since 1990 having been ratified vide Ratification and Enforcement Act, Laws of Federation.

It is our respectful view that the declaration by the Acting President that Biafran agitation is unconstitutional, is with due respect patently misconceived and inherently faulty.

“It is on this note that we most respectfully call on the Acting President to be more circumspect in his further remarks as it relates to a substantive charge before the court.

There is need for total restraint, from comments, pronouncements and declarations that have the effect of distorting the pendulum, one way or the other, particularly on this phantom criminal charge”.

Besides, Ejiofor who briefed newsmen alongside counsel to Kanu’s co-defendants, Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu, David Nwawuisi and Bright Chimezie, accused the federal government of deliberately stalling frustrating full-blown hearing on the treasonable felony charge against the defendants.

According to him, rather than to open its case on June 22, FG, served an amended five-count charge on the defendants, “in clear breach and violation of an order the court made on April 25, 2017, wherein his Lordship warned, that the court will not entertain further interlocutory application or process capable of delaying the trial”.

He alleged that FG joined the 5th defendant, Chimezie, in the case after a Federal High Court in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State had on May 24, not only ordered the Department of State Service to release him forthwith, but equally directed that he should be paid N5million as damages for his illegal detention.

Consequently, Kanu and his co-defendants, demanded an immediate withdrawal of the amended five-count charge against them, saying they have not committed any offence that is known to law.

“If You Want Biafra, take this rules-- DSS Boss, Laura Daura

The DSS warned those agitating for secession to be very careful this one last time.

It said it will not watch the country descend into disunity just as Gowon also urged youths calling for Biafra to desists from doing so.

The Department of State Services (DSS) has warned that any group that is threatening the security of the country will be security dealt with insisting it will not fold its hands and watch the country being torn apart.

Premium Times reports that this was emphasized at the national seminar on “Unity in diversity” it organised.

Former head of state, Yakubu Gowon, was the keynote speaker at the seminar where he urged security operatives to handle secessionist agitators carefully. Lawal Daura who is the director-general of the DSS warned that the unity of the country was important and the agency would not sit idly and watch it divided.

He said: “I would like to restate the position of the Service that all groups or individuals who are bent on pursuing their divisive and separatist activities that threaten national security, to think again.

“The security and law enforcement agencies will not sit by idly while they continue on their activities that put at risk the lives and properties of law-abiding and innocent Nigerians.
We will deploy the full amalgam of the security infrastructure to deal with subsisting and emerging developments capable of endangering lives and properties as well as our corporate existence as a nation. “Globally, the security agencies form the core of institutions that give backbone to statehood.

Consequently, every activity that represents an existential threat to the nation is a direct challenge to the security agencies, which must be responded to. The security sector views the unity of this nation as a sacred trust and this task we will do our utmost to meet.”
Gowon commended the Arewa youths for backing down on their ultimatum to Igbos in the north and warned that those agitating for Biafra were scaring foreign investors away. He said: “This call is not in the interest of democracy which recognises the right of individuals on issues…

My view is that all Nigerians and people should love their country. Rather than needlessly heat up the polity and scare international investors, agitators need to pause and ponder on the implications of a strategy of threatening the country.

“We need to think of the danger our actions poses to the innocent and law abiding citizens. Agitators or whatever name they go by, need to read up history that no nation survives multiple civil wars. The life of the people is worth more than whatever profit they hope to make out of the business of hate and sheer murmuring.

“Agitators are better off not pursuing personal interest just as the Federal Government will do well not to use any force on these agitators except only as the last resort for and in defence of security and the peace of the nation.”

He applauded the DSS for the way it has handled the situation of the country’s unity. He said: “I want to say that the service has done exceptionally well. Your operations have made it possible over the years to nip in the bud several acts or provocations that otherwise would have led to deeper crisis in the country.

Let me reiterate that Nigeria as a nation is stronger together than chip off the block.
“There is unity and strength in our diversity and we should be accommodated in unity not by force but more so by reason. We must believe in the indivisibility of this country as citizens. East or west, north or south, we are one.

We must believe in one Nigeria in order to make it good and better for all.” “Let me use this opportunity to advice Nigerian youths that the unity of this country must prevail above some of the hard talks and uncomplimentary remarks coming from them.

“I urge the youths not to allow the situation that happened in the past to happen again. They should avoid anything that will bring the suffering of innocent people because of unnecessary demands. “Don’t forget that you are the future of this country.

You must work together to ensure you build a country that all of us would like to see.” Daura noted that governance failure has played a huge role in the rise of agitation noting that if Nigeria gets governance right, other things will settle in well.

“It is noteworthy that numerous well-meaning Nigerians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds have weighed-in with positive messaging to assuage the resultant anxieties of the activities of these divisive groups.

“This notwithstanding, and given the high toxicity of ethnic and religious evocations, the security sector has remained sufficiently concerned with a view to evolving and developing adequate countermeasures to deal with these threats.

“The acting president has valiantly led the charge to put the naysayers to shame and to reassure Nigerians of their safety everywhere. He has also sought to reassure Nigerians of the infinite possibilities of Project Nigeria and the imperative for all Nigerians to keep faith with the nation and in the commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to deliver on its socio-economic programmes.”

“These governance failures have been amply implicated in the massive unemployment and very poor socio-economic conditions across the land, which feeds and spread frustrations, anger and agitations, nationwide.

“There is no gainsaying the fact that if we get governance right, we will have more salutary outcomes in terms of security and other contemporary challenges.”

Friday, 4 August 2017

Am ready to decamp from APC

There is a probability for Gov. Okorocha may decamp from APC because of some listed problems.

 This was announced to Some Governors elected under the platform of the APC have today at their meeting with the Ag. President Yemi Osinbajo threatened to quit the party due to what they described as the lopsided and selfish behaviors of some of its leaders and the presidency in their choices of appointments.

Okorocha alleged that more than two years in to the APC government the Presidency have relegated them and refused to sack all those that worked against its emergence especially the PDP appointees that are still holding key offices or been appointed thru the influence of some power at the villa and are allowed to occupy certain offices which should have been fielded by qualified party faithfuls.

Their leader, Owelle Rochas Okorocha warned that if action is not taking as quick as possible to redeem this problems by the presidency, that he will lead others of his colleagues to quit the party and no party loyalist will accept any appointment after January 2018
The Governors accused the Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari and the Cabal headed by Mamman Daura for bringing the party to its lowest standing, and betraying the aspirations of loyal party faithfuls and Nigerians.

The Ag. President promised to look into the issues and act as soon as possible at the end of the meeting.


Popular Nollywood Actor,Chidi Mokeme is obviously team Biafra. The Nigerian actor took to his instagram account to publicly declares his support for Biafra, he shared the below photos wearing the his regalia, and captioned it;

TGIF! Thank God It’s Friday! #IgboKwenu #NigerianFromBiafra #NwaBiafra #NdiBayiKwezuenu Gwazie ndi yardi unu

I will deal with police officers that took photographs with Nnamdi Kanu-IGP Idris

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that while reacting to the photographs that went viral days later, IGP Idris, who was in Lagos, said he was not happy with what happened that day.

He also said the police would be tough in handling the issue as it was very bad for professional policemen to act the way the officers did on seeing Kanu.

Idris, who described Kanu as one troubling the unity of Nigeria, said the action of the policemen that day proved double loyalty

He said the police force was being sanitized to meet the aspirations of the people.

He revealed that the police would create new 88 area commands to meet the level of insecurity in the country.

It was earlier reported that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) recently reiterated its call for referendum, stressing that until the Nigerian government meets its demands, there will be no election in the South East starting from the upcoming Anambra state governorship election.

It was gathered that IPOB said should its call for referendum is not met, it will use the November 2017 governorship election in Anambra state, to set example for what is to come in the future. 

Our quit notice to Igbo stands, say Arewa youths

Chairman of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), Ambassador Shettima Yarima, has said the quit notice given to Igbo in the northern states stands, pending the outcome of their current consultations across board.

• ‘You can’t live with us and talk Biafra’

• ‘We won’t use force’

The Chairman of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), Ambassador Shettima Yarima, has said the quit notice given to Igbo in the northern states stands, pending the outcome of their current consultations across board.

“Our stand on Biafra still stands. But when the period expires, we are not going to expel them by force. We don’t have the constitutional power to do that. So whoever does not believe in Nigeria can leave at his will peacefully. We are not using any force to eject them from the North,” he said.

Yarima spoke at a town hall meeting organised by a coalition of northern youths at Ni’imah Guest Palace Hotel, Kano under the leadership of Nastura Ashir Sharif.

In his keynote address, Sharif said that apart from the quit notice, they had also written to the United Nations on the violent activities of the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, urging them to declare him a terrorist and his agitation illegal.

According to him, the Arewa youths are still expecting a response from the UN which would guide their next move. “That is why we say our quit notice still stands and our resolve that anybody who doesn’t want to stay in Nigeria should vacate our region still stands, but we are not going to use force to actualize that. We will do it through peaceful means, this is because of the fact that one cannot be living with us and talking Biafra,” Sharif stated.

He said it was sad that people focused more on the quit notice issued by the northern youths rather than on a “presented recorded video evidence where Nnamdi Kanu called for genocide like what happened in Rwanda.”

Sharif revealed that “After our Kaduna Declaration, when we issued a quit notice to all Igbo residing in the North to leave the region on or before 1st October, 2017, we received various calls from people both within and outside the country telling us to review our stand and come up with other demands or issues affecting the North.”

He said they were advised to go beyond Biafra issue and come up with strategies to tackle issues bothering on economy, unemployment, security, Almajiri and drug abuse as they affect the North.

“We are indeed heeding the calls, that is why we are here in Kano holding a Town Hall meeting in line with the advice. We would organise similar meetings in North East and North Central after which we will come up with our final stand regarding this issue,” he said.
Prof. Aliyu Jibia, who is the chairman of the Arewa Summit Development Initiative, in his submission, lamented the issue of Almajiri, urging the people to rise against the menace by proffering lasting solution to it.

He revealed that on the 1st of October, the group would hold a one- million-man march to sensitize the people on the menace of Almajiri that has been affecting the region for many years.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

To All Lovers : Checkout the 8 Best Moments In Every Relationship

There are special moments in the life of any couple that serve to ignite and, or retie the bond between the lovers. These are some of those moments.

In every relationship there are important milestones to be reached. Here is a list of eight important moments that every couple should aim to reach in their relationship.

1. First Declaration
The ultimate romantic moment in a relationship is the first time you say the three sacred words, I love you. It’s the defining moment. First declarations must always be celebrated with a suitable commemoration, since it’s the first sign that a couple really does rather like each other.

2. First Holiday
The first holiday. This can always be a little overwhelming, but is a test of whether the relationship is built to last. A poor holiday will only create bad feeling and lead to arguments, so it’s always important to look for something truly memorable that can be cherished.

3. Anniversary
An anniversary is always a special moment in a relationship. It’s a day to hold dear everything that makes your relationship amount to what it is. Every anniversary ought to be marked in the manner your relationship deserves.

4. Moving In Together
The first step towards real long-term commitment, the halfway plunge is a hugely important aspect of any relationship.

5. Engagement
If moving in together is the first step towards retirement, engagement will be the last, step. Popping the question requires the right moment at the right place and, of course the tight person.

6. Marriage
Marriage is a true declaration of love. Planning the perfect wedding is a great task. The build up of the big day is a time of great anticipation and anxiety for both the bride and groom. This day brings a sense of joy and relief.

7. Honeymoon
Since the knot has been tied it is only normal as a couple to go go on a romantic get away, and celebrate the life ahead. It’s important that the honeymoon is in a quiet serene location, suiting both of your desires.

8. Children
Deciding to have children is a very important milestone as you reach a new stage of responsibility and develop a new kind of love. The rest of your lives would be more devoted to the beautiful children who’ll be depending on you for everything.

What I Will Do For Anambra state If Elected As Governor – Yul Edochie

  • After popular Nigeria artiste Terry-G declares is interest to contest for Benue state governor, popular Nollywood actor yul Edochie also declears interest in being the governor of anambra state, if biafra is actualized. 

This are is plans if electedNollywood Actor Yul Edochie who had earlier declared his interest to run for Anambra Governorship election come November 18 2017 has released his vision & plans for Anambra state if elected as Governor.

Read Below…

My vision is to make Anambra state THE LAST BUS STOP for investment, tourism and opportunities.

A state where dreams come true, where people assist one another to progress.
An Anambra where everyone is happy.

My mission is to create equal opportunities for every Anambra indigene, create a conducive state for everyone to live in and invest in, eradicate poverty completely and make Anambra state the best part of the world to live in.


Gabriel Oche Amanyi “Terry G ” declears To Contest For Benue State Governorship Election

Gabriel Oche Amanyi popularly known as Terry G or Akpako Master has declared his intention to run for Governor/Deputy Governor of Benue State.

Terry G, took to his Instagram page to reveal his ambition and upload his campaign poster. He, however, did not disclose the political party he intends to use as a platform.

In his word,


Students in Anambra protests - block Enugu-Onitsha expressway

About thousand students of Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe Anambra state, have barricaded both lanes of the Enugu-Onitsha expressway to protest extortion, intimidation and harassment by officials and agents of the state government.

The protesting students under the auspices of Joint Campus Committee (JCC), carried placards with various inscriptions, "voice of student must be heard” “Students say no to intimidation” “Uju Akudo Must Go” “Commissioner for Transport Encouraging Tout” among others.

The students who chanted solidarity songs, disrupted vehicular movement and other business for several hours at aroma junction, insisting they would not vacate the road unless they were addressed by the state governor.

Daily trust learnt that it took a re-enforcement team led by Superintendent Willie Odumu from the Headquarters to disperse the protesters after an unsuccessful attempt by a team led by Anthony Akpeyi, DPO of B-Division.

Speaking to newsmen, Chairman of JCC in Anambra, Betty Okoye, said the students could no longer condone the situation where agents who claimed to be working for government inflicted hardship on students.

Okoye said the alleged agents of government frustrated the bus station designated for students’ shuttle park in Onitsha to function.

He said the students paid between N50 and N70 using the designated park but were being made to pay between N150 and N200 in the agents designated.

He called on governor Obiano to stop illegal agents from conniving with officials of government to cause hardship for students and give him bad image.

Addressing the protesters, the special adviser to the State governor on political matters, Chinedu Obidigwe, thanked them for conducting themselves in a peaceful manner and assured them that their request will reach the Governor as soon as possible.

Any attempt to arrest Nnamdi Kanu may cause problem – Fani-Kayode

 Femi Kayode has warned that any attempt to arrest Nnamdi Kanu will have consequences because his call for independence of Igbo is legitimate and lawful. He stated this while writing a piece recently titled;


“Nnamdi Kanu is a hero and his call for independence for the Igbo is legitimate and lawful. Any attempt to arrest him will have consequences.”

“For those that still do not believe that the Biafra phenomenon and message is here to stay and that are still guided by the erroneous notion that "all is well" in Nigeria I share the following.”

“Dr. John Dan Fulani, a cerebal and well-respected activist, human rights crusader, intellectual and academic from Southern Kaduna with a large following, has said that if Biafra is established the people of Southern Kaduna will leave Nigeria and go with them.”
“This unprecedented assertion and declaration has caused panic, consternation and alarm in many core northern conservative circles.”

“Again Professor Jerry Gana, a respected former Minister from Niger state and a reasonable, well-known and well-liked leader that has been deeply involved in politics and entrenched in the corridors of power for the last 32 years has said that if Nigeria were ever to break up the people of the Middle Belt would leave the north and go with the people of the south.”

“Again the Solomon Asemota SAN and T.Y. Danjuma-led Christian Elders Forum has warned the Federal Government and the Nigerian people about what they have described as a subtle and dangerous application of "stealth jihad" by the Federal Government in our country and what they see as an attempt to islamise Nigeria.’

Biafra Protester Cast Gov. Obiano away from church..

Unknown Biafra members today prevented Gov. Obiano from evening worship in church,
It was also noted that Biafra protester on Sunday stormed St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia in Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra State, protested against Governor Willie Obiano as he went for worship.

According to an eye witness, the governor had hardly settled down in the church when some youths, including women, who adorned Biafra dresses and waving Biafra flags, besieged the gate of the church.

The protesters were chanting Biafra songs and shouting: “No election in Anambra State “, “We want referendum”, and “No referendum, no election.”

It was gathered that as they forced their way through the gate, the governor’s security men promptly locked up the entrance.

However, a member of the governor’s press crew said the governor was not disturbed in any way, adding that despite the presence of the IPOB youths outside the church, he still addressed the congregation towards the end of

Abducted IPOB Members By Police In Ahoada Released

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has announced the release of members who was abducted in Ohada Rivers State by men of Nigerian Police force.

Recall, Nigerian security agents on Sunday 30th July arrested 23 peaceful IPOB members at their meeting ground in Ohada area of the State.

The detained IPOB members including youths, Elderly men and women regain freedom on Thursday after spending four days in detention.

The release was made possible through the effort of IPOB leadership and its legal team.

Kanu had on Monday ordered for the immediate release of members, warned the Nigerian security agents against illegal abduction of member after competent Court declaration that IPOB is not an illegal organisation.

Think Twice On Election Boycott, INEC Warns Nnamdi Kanu

The new Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Enugu State, Mr Emeka Ononamadu, yesterday, warned pro-Biafra activists championing boycott of elections in Anambra State and other parts of the South East to think twice.

He said the boycott would do more harm than good to the people of the zone.
Specifically, Ononamadu enjoined the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), to rather mobilize those who believed in their cause to participate in the current continuous voter registration (CVR) exercise, that would even help in the event of a possible referendum which they were clamouring for.

Addressing a press conference in Enugu, where he updated journalists on the continuous voter registration exercise in the state, he stated that it was pleasing that there had not been any attempt by any group to interfere with the exercise in the state.
He said those calling for the boycott of the Anambra governorship election were doing a disservice to the people.

“Even if you want to do a referendum, you will still need voters’ registration, so telling people not to participate is like shooting yourself on the foot.

Election has no ethnic/religious face. Even in churches and in selection of traditional rulers, elections are conducted. It has become part and parcel of society.

“Election is a central tool you can use to aggregate opinion about who rules,” he said.

Dont come to Abuja Police Tells Biafra Agitators

The Police command of the FCT on Monday said it has received information that some persons were planning to block major roads in Abuja.

This was disclosed in a statement by DSP Anjuguri Manzah, Public Relations Officer of the command.

Although, the statement did not reveal the persons/group, it was gathered that pro-Biafra agitators were on one hand planning a march, while some Niger Delta militants were also fine-tuning demonstration over unpaid stipends.

Manzah, however, warned the, “disgruntled persons against unlawful protest” and to discard their intent to create chaos.

“The Command wishes to state unequivocally that while it will continue to be professional and respect the fundamental rights of citizens as stipulated in the Nigerian Constitution, it will not fold its arms and watch any group under whatever guise jeopardise the existing peaceful atmosphere in FCT by blocking Federal roads and denying law abiding citizens easy access to such roads.

“The Command is hereby warning the group to heed wise counsel and channel its complaints to the appropriate authority,” it added.
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